We love to create products that people love to take care of. 

Tijs Studio label sewing

We design, develop and produce textile products from bags and backpacks to clothing pieces. We are able to help you in the whole process from idea to production.


Sometimes a new product is also the beginning of a new brand but it is always an expanding of a brand. We would like to be updated about your brand values and about all the ideas you might have for the next best thing for your brand. With moodboards and sketches we will come to a shared understanding of the product that will be designed.

After the sketches we will work out the main design of the product, with a low-end prototype we develop the form and all the details. At the same time we search for the right fabric that meets your demands and all other details like zippers, buttons and which linings is the best fit for your product. After that we will make a sample of the product to be sure it is what you wished for.


1. Ideation

- Ideation of new product(s)
- Moodboards
- Sketch

2. Design

- Detailled sketches
- Partial prototype(s)
- Scale prototype(s)

3. Prototype

- Details of the product
- Material sourcing
- Creating 1:1 prototype

4. Manufacture

- Production sample(s)
- Quality control
- Delivery product


Working with like-minded people is time we enjoy. Are you a craftsmen or a business with the same vision or want to learn more about the whole proces of fashion and the design proces that comes with it? Maybe you have already an idea were you want to involve us in the proces, or we can start with the ideation together.